100 Resilient Cities

100 Resilient Cities (100RC) is an initiative funded by the Rockefeller Foundation which aims to help cities worldwide to be resilient against physical, social and economic challenges, in addition to challenges due to climate change. Semarang becomes one of the cities selected to participate in the initiative.

To date, sixty-seven cities have been chosen by the selection committee, among others, Los Angeles (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), New Orleans (USA), New York City (USA), Medellín (Colombia), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Quito (Ecuador), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Surat (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Mandalay (Philippines), Da Nang (Vietnam), Semarang (Indonesia), Bristol (UK), Glasgow (UK), Roma (Italy), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Dakar (Senegal), and Durban (South Africa).

The work of 100RC includes helping cities develop and implement a City Resilience Strategy. City Resilience Strategy is an integrated approach to a well-developed resilience against issues of shocks and stresses. Resilience strategy will provide benefits through minimun investment or even increase the investment. The strategy can also help reduce the costs from stresses and shocks, and increase the community engagement.

It is hoped that the strategy can be integrated into the city’s programs in order to create sustainable programs.

Further, 100RC will also campaign on the city resilience to all levels of society with the hope that all parts of the city recognize and aware of the city resilience, understand the urgency, and are willing to engage in activities supporting the program.

The 100RC program offers a great opportunity for the city as the program provides:

  • Support for the Semarang City’s Mayor through a CRO that will lead the development of the city resilience strategy.
  • Guidance and consultancy support for the city of Semarang through the Mercy Corps Indonesia, as 100RC strategy partner.
  • Access to the city’s partners (platform), to resources for the development of future strategy and implementation, and to membership of the international 100RC network to share knowledge and collaboration.

What Has Been Done

The Mayor of Semarang has appointed a Chief Resilient Officer (CRO) of 4 (four) people as the team to lead the development and implementation of the City Resilience Strategy. The CRO will be supported by the Working Team and Mercy Corps Indonesia, as the Strategy Partner.

The CRO together with the Strategy Partner has conducted a Strategy Launch and an initial workshop (introduction) on the city resilience with the stakeholders (local work units and community representatives) to map the issues of the city. There are 2 (two) types of issues, Shocks and Stresses. Shocks are briefly defined as sudden, dangerous events which threaten the city, while stresses are the events that weaken the fabric of a city on a day-to-day or cyclical basis.

What Will Be Done

Involving all stakeholders of the city of Semarang to actively participate in developing the City Resilience Strategy, including conducting Preliminary Resilience Assessment, determining the Focus Areas, and organizing the Inventory of Assets. The strategy will later be integrated into the programs of Semarang government in order to create synergy and sustainable programs.

Making city resilience a strategic issue of the city, improving the community awareness on the city resilience, and encouraging the people to actively participate in supporting the city resilience.

Establishing cooperating network for Semarang with the partners or with the cities worldwide within the 100RC program. The network can be a means to share knowledge, information, and collaboration chances.