Stages of City Resilience Strategy

Semarang’s 100RC program is due to be implemented within a period of 9 (nine) months, starting from May 2015 and ending in January 2016. The program is divided into two stages: Stage 1 involves the preparation of the city’s Preliminary Assessment Resilient, and Stage 2 includes the preparation of the City Resilience Strategy. The City Resilience Strategy is later expected to be a guideline in creating the city strategy plans, having taken into consideration the issues of city resilience more comprehensively in terms of society, economy, environment, infrastructure, and even leadership and strategy.

In brief, what will be carried out in each stage is described as such; Stage 1 to conduct an identification process to any stakeholder involved in the 100RC program, to which later the stakeholders will be put into city resilience forums of diverse backgrounds, including the government, private sectors and organizations/communities, as well as to prepare for the Preliminary Resilience Assessment. The Preliminary Resilience Assessment contains the identification of strengths and weaknesses of Semarang and the critical assets and programs related to previous resilience information of the city as well. All of the processes are carried out under the stakeholder perception-based. All of the information gathered, along with the priority issues of threats and stresses, will eventually be analyzed to create several focus areas to be selected by the City. The focus areas are thematic areas in which at a later stage Semarang will gather much more data, develop deeper information and conduct further analysis to build an understanding converging on the strategy process.

The next and final stage is about preparing an inclusive city strategy. The identified focus areas will then further be diagnosed by the working group system. The system focuses on each area to determine what types of city resilience strategy suit the needs of the city. The working groups of this stage consist of the city resilience forums, having been assigned into their respective disciplines.

These two stages will be executed by a team led by Semarang’s City Resilience Officer, together with the Mercy Corps as the city’s strategy partner.